Drive your rental vehicle with peace of mind

A selection of optional extras and services to ensure you have a safe journey

Autolux offers a selection of optional extras and services for greater peace of mind and driving comfort during the rental period of your green, passenger or commercial vehicle.

What options are there when you hire a vehicle from Autolux?

You can choose equipment options for your rental vehicle:

  • Special equipment: our rental vehicles are fitted with snow tyres or all-season (M+S) tyres during the whole winter season, from 1st October to 31 March. The cost of the option is calculated according to your vehicle category.
  • Automatic gearbox: at your request, we can also offer you a range of vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox. The cost of the option is calculated according to your vehicle category.

Autolux also offers several optional services valid for the entire rental period of the vehicle:

  • An additional designated driver: you can put a second driver on the rental contract and you’ll also be covered by the insurance if he/she takes the wheel.
  • Damage waiver: for complete peace of mind, choose the damage waiver option for any damage that might occur to the hired vehicle. Rest assured, you won’t have to pay any excess in the case of an at-fault accident, glass breakage or theft.
  • Travel insurance: sign up for 24/7 assistance This covers the repatriation of the vehicle and passengers if any incidents, accidents or off-road breakdowns occur during your trip (ask us about the policy guarantees).
  • Delivery and pick-up on site: No time to get around to pick up and return your rental car? Subscribe the option delivery and pick-up of your vehicle. Ask the conditions to our advisors.

For further details about our option prices, please see our price brochure or phone us on (+352) 22 11 81 26.