Logo Autolux Rodenbourg Mobility
15 October 2017 Corporate

New look for Autolux

Created in 1968, Autolux announced a change of visual identity on the 9th of October last year, unveiling its new logo. Although it has kept its traditional colours, the car hire company has opted for a new modern and dynamic font.

There is also a new baseline underneath the logo: “Rodenbourg Mobility”. The vehicle rental company actually belongs to the Rodenbourg Group, the oldest Peugeot dealer and KIA distributor in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. According to Anastassia B., Head of Marketing, “the aim of this new look is to modernise Autolux’s image and above all return this entity to its rightful place within the Rodenbourg Group. This new logo is now part of a graphic unit with our two other entities – Garage Rodenbourg (Peugeot dealership) and Rodenbourg Motors (KIA dealership)”. In fact, with its new font and baseline, the new Autolux visual identity clearly reaffirms its membership of the group.

Autolux’s facelift also reflects the renewal of the leadership team within the Rodenbourg Group, with David Sibaud as the new CEO, and a complete overhaul of the group’s executive committee. “It’s the dawn of a new era,” said Anastassia B., “one which focuses on customer relations and satisfaction.”